New club started on campus

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By Monique Larkin

RCC student Gessinia Amcot speaks to the Pre Health club.

By Monique Larkin

RCC student Gessinia Amcot wants to change the world.

That’s right, but first she wants go to medical school.

Amcot saw that Riverside Community College has been lacking a pre-med club and like any ambitious college student, she took it upon herself to start one.

“I want to specialize in women’s health and keep them beautiful forever,” Amcot said.Progressive Students, Pre Health is the club that shall forever be remembered as a club that was started on mere coincidence.

“I was at club rush week and I’ve always wanted to start a club like this,” said Amcot. ” I was talking to one of my friends who said he knew of someone who wanted to start the same kind of club as me. I told him to call him right now and give him my phone number. That same night-he called me and by the following week we already had a constitution and everything.”

Amcot who is originally from Russia said she wants to go into the preventive health field, wants to open up opportunities for RCC students who may not be aware of them.

“I will try to give these students all kinds of information, answer any questions about their specific major in general,” said Amcot. “I will spoon feed them information that they would not normally know or hear about.”

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