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By losttime.shuffle@gmail.com

By losttime.shuffle@gmail.com

I was very disturbed by what Tim wrote in his Weezer album review. He mentioned that the new album, ‘make believe’, is “not as good as ‘Pinkerton’ but better than the Green Album.”

I find this confusing. ‘Pinkerton’ is the album that bombed on store shelves and gave Rivers Cuomo a case of writer’s block that lasted for years! The Green Album is the Weezer come-back album that brought Cuomo back onto the scene. It’s much better than ‘Pinkerton’!!

Tim’s comparison is way off base and shows an incredible lack of Weezer understanding. David’s a much better and bigger fan anyway … he should have wrote it.

– losttime

p.s. My foot still hurts and Viewpoints hasn’t done anything about it! I’m very let down!

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