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By Lacy Seinturier

By Lacy Seinturier

Well, “House of Wax” definitely had potential. Up and coming actors, some newer faces, and a plot that seemed to offer something slightly different than the rest of the typical horror movies hitting the theaters.

I’ll say this: The movie wasn’t terrible. I’ve seen worse. And, it is a horror flick, so it did its job. There were definitely some scary parts, and I found myself jumping throughout the movie, grabbing onto the arms of the people sitting next to me, and biting my fingernails.

Directors involved with horror films only need actors to scream a lot and then have a wicked death scene. Three of the main actors all got their main starts on television, and the fourth, well…apparently she just gets to do whatever she wants. The rest of the characters were faces I’d never seen before, and if I have seen them, it was in a role small enough for me to forget about. Elisha Cuthbert is best known for her role in the show “24” and the movie “The Girl Next Door.” Chad Michael Murray and Jared Padalecki, both came from “Gilmore Girls,” Murray also has another role on “One Tree Hill.” And Paris Hilton, well, everybody just knows who she is, from one thing or another.

Cuthbert and Murray play fraternal twins going on road trip to the most important football game of the season with four of their friends. Along the way, strange things happen. Something happens to one of the cars so they can’t drive it, so two stay behind to fix it. On the way to the game, the rest of the cast get stuck in traffic and miss the game anyway, so they head home. And from there, things begin the spiral downward in the town that seems to be deserted except for a few people, and lots of wax.

One thing that I liked about the movie was that I was caught slightly off guard at how soon the attacks begin. I was expecting the plot to lure me into thinking that an attack was going to happen, but because I am so used to other movie plots, I figured that’s just what they wanted me to think. You know how the creepy music is playing, the character is walking down the hallway in complete darkness, they hear something and it comes around the corner; your heart’s pounding and you’re expecting it to be the killer, and then… it’s just one of their friends and they are relieved to have found each other. Well, in “House of Wax” I was waiting as he stumbled through the dark, thinking this is getting scary and then I just expect the lights to come back on and wait for killers to strike later. Not this time. The killers in the quiet, creepy little town of Ambrose just like to the get the job done.

As they go through the characters, killing them off with gross, disturbing methods, you can’t help but think about all the real life house of wax’s that you’ll never step foot inside after seeing this movie. OK, so it’s a bit far fetched, but seriously, I’m not in any rush. I think I’ll just stick to looking through a window.

If you want to have a laugh and are willing to let yourself be sacred, “House of Wax” is an all right movie. Its not so bad, and if you don’t have too high of expectations, you might enjoy it. I had fun with it, I let it scare me, and I don’t regret having paid to see it. Besides, you might want to see it so you can join in with your friends while they make fun of Paris Hilton’s acting. It’ll be a good time.

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