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Popular drug’s effects not fully known to students

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By Madina Brammer

By Madina Brammer

Ecstasy, also known as the club drug, has become increasingly popular. Yet, when many students were asked about the dangers of the drug very few were able to relay any information on what they knew. Most students referred to it as the “sex drug.” It was interesting to see that almost everyone knows what the drug is used for but yet when asked if students knew the important facts such as the harmful effects of the drugs there weren’t many answers.

Some people could care less about the drug and this is why they said they didn’t know anything and that is because they do not have any experience with ecstasy nor do they ever plan to.

However, many reliable sources such as some students from Riverside Community College, confirmed that ecstasy is among one of the highest and most used drugs next to marijuana. Let me say now that no one admitted to using ecstasy but instead knew people who have and this is how they were able to share with me some of their knowledge.

Ecstasy is a synthetic drug that can produce both stimulant and mind altering effects. It is similar to the stimulant amphetamine and the hallucinogen mescaline.

To many people, ecstasy is used as a stimulant that enhances and prolongs sexual desire and for some young adults this is something worth their while. However, a lot of people who use this drug do not know how risky and dangerous it is to take it.

First time use of this drug could result in death. The health hazards of ecstasy are quite similar to those of amphetamines and cocaine. Some of the effects of this drug include confusion, sleep problems, drug craving, severe anxiety and paranoia. Some people have also reported having psychotic episodes.

Ecstasy can be found at clubs, raves, parties and rock concerts. One student said that most raves begin late and end at daybreak and this is where they have encountered the drug most of the time. I asked some students why they think ecstasy is such a popular drug.

One student said because it works like the Energizer bunny… it keeps going and going. Another student made the comment that sex sells and ecstasy is the sex drug. In my own research I have found that a combination of both marijuana and ecstasy are usually used around the same time.

One reliable source told me that marijuana relaxes her and it makes her more susceptible to using other drugs. In closing I asked some students if they think that ecstasy will continue to be one of the highest drugs on the market in regards to popularity. One student told me that as long as the “myth” persists that ecstasy speeds up her sexual stamina and increases her libido then the drug isn’t going anywhere. I agree with that statement. I know we all like to hope that one day in this system of things, drugs, gangs and violence will disappear and we could have world peace but the truth of the matter is we should be realistic and just continue to enlighten ourselves with the facts about life because in the end result knowledge is power.

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