The competition gets fierce on ‘Model’

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By Bene Sims

By Bene Sims

This cycle of America’s Next Top Model has been one big roller coaster of drama. Who would have thought that Wednesdays would be a day to look forward to?

In episode seven it was down to the top nine contestants and at the end of the show the judges made not one, but two cuts. Rebecca, the 22-year-old from Minnesota, got cut for just not making any progress.

Tiffany, Ms. Bad girl from Miami, got cut for being Tiffany. Tiffany was said to have taken great pictures, but she did not impress the judges with all of her self doubt in the last competition.

During deliberations Tyra chewed Tiffany out for being so nonchalant about getting cut. I think everyone was shocked when Tyra yelled a 10 minute lecture about how she was so disappointed in Tiffany. If you ask me, she was a little too dramatic. The competition seems to be getting harder for the girls as they are tested on how well they speak. The girls were trained how to be an entertainment correspondent and were tested by interviewing rapper and designer Eve. The next day the girls had to pose as the seven deadly sins in a cemetery. This competition was extra stressful for poor Kahlen, the 21-year-old from Oklahoma, who received news the day before that one of her long time friends died. She got through the photo shoot with a fairly good photo despite her pain.

Naima, the 20-year-old dancer from Michigan, rocked the shoot with the best photo when she portrayed the sin Envy. Tatiana, the 18-year-old from Hawaii, was sent packing after the judges decided that she just didn’t know how to speak and her pictures were mediocre compared to the other girls.

Five women remain and the odds of Naima winning are getting stronger and stronger as she is known to be America’s favorite top model winning cover girl of the week for the six weeks in a row.

Michelle, the 19-year-old wrestler from Indiana, is most voted to be eliminated in the next episode.

Though she takes a good picture people are skeptical about her attitude and in-person appearance.

Naima has this competition hands down. She takes great pictures, she’s classy and can speak, and she continues to be America’s favorite.

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