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By Michael Diggin

By Michael Diggin

Break out your dancing shoes, because The Debonaires are at it again with their 3rd full-length album, set to debut on June 3.

The Debonaires are a traditional ska band from the Riverside area that have been around since 1995. During the Debs’ decade of existence, they have developed a soulful sound that grooves to the infectious beat of ska, yet still includes various influences such as jazz, funk and soul.

The Debonaires bring the music back to its roots by incorporating some of the same musical styles that originally shaped the birth of ska and rocksteady. Paying heed to the foundations that inspired ska has helped them mold a sound that is distinctly traditional yet undeniably contemporary.

Rather than following any type of musical trend, the Debs continue to explore the boundaries of their own creative energies. They refuse to be limited by the artificial constraints of one particular musical style, yet they produce a sound that is instantly recognizable as ska.

Lead vocals for the Debonaires are handled by Kip Wirtzfeld, who also plays tenor sax in the band. Their rhythm is laid down by bass-player Jason Napayon, Woody Diaz on drums and Rob LaPorte on percussion.Ryan Tomazin tickles the ivories on the keyboard, while Mike Presser and Mano Mirande share guitar playing responsibilities. The horn section consists of Dave Sakover on tenor sax, Tom Cook on trombone and Marques Crews on trumpet.

Wirtzfeld and Diaz also do double duty playing for The Skeletones, another band hailing from Riverside.

Even as a young band starting out in Riverside back in ’95, The Debonaires made an immediate impression on anyone lucky enough to catch one of their shows. Since then they have shared the stage with musical legends The Skatalites, Laurel Aitken and Justin Hinds, just to name a few.

The Debonaires are on a nationwide tour sowing their musical oats, but they are returning home to deliver their new album. The CD release party is on Friday June 3 at the Riverside Brewing Company.

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