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The Associated Students of Riverside threw an election and almost no one showed up.

So that answers that question.

It seems another election has come and gone and was only given the slightest of attention.

This statement wouldn’t have much merit if wasn’t for the fact that the voting process was made easier and even fewer people actually voted. Regardless of the online voting system which students could use from the ease of their own homes at any time of the day or night, only 264 Riverside Community College students voted.

This is a pathetic number when compared to the 601 people who voted last year despite having to actually walk up to the polling place and use a pencil to make their choice.

For those that do not want to do the math, that means instead of bringing a friend to the election this year, half of those who voted last year were persuaded by a friend to stay away.

This makes things quite perplexing. Clearly, these numbers indicate it is not lack of convenience that is solely keeping students from voting, so the major problem lies elsewhere. Perhaps elections just aren’t entertaining enough to capture interest.

This day and time spectacle seems one of the only stimuli people react to. Perhaps some of the following extravagant and entertaining methods will inspire more of the masses to flow to the polling places, both online and off.

The first suggestion would be for ASRCC to take a page from current television trends, since of course, who doesn’t like TV?

Reality television is still going strong, so perhaps we could leave the candidates stranded on a desert island and broadcast their struggles in the Tiger’s Den.

There is also the option broadcasting of something along the way of ASRCC Idol in the Tigers Den. Candidates singing and dancing is sure to get a response.

Television is pricey though. A cheaper and time honored way to get attention is still a parade. RCC has a great marching band that might be more than willing to help out. At the end of the parade perhaps a carnival in the Quad would help. Games like “Dunk the Treasurer Candidate” has promise to be very popular or maybe a pie eating contest for those running for president. The line leading to the voting booth could be a house of mirrors and a carnie barker can attract attention from those just idly making their way to class. This all would prove to be very entertaining, after all who doesn’t love a carnival?

Maybe ASRCC wants to be more professional, though. That is certainly to be appreciated and admired. Well, then, there always a few pages that can be taken from the real world of politics.

The leaking of a good scandal always seems to catch people’s interest and goes hand in hand with a good mudslinging. If these methods fall short of expectations there is always the classical approach of shaking hands and kissing babies. The nursery in Early Childhood Studies would provide a great outlet for these actions. See the whole college can get involved.

If all of that seems to prove lackluster, ASRCC can look into offering better raffle prizes. Most RCC students would be thrilled to have a new car, and that might draw them to the voting booth like flies to a egg salad sandwich that has been left outside for a week.

If things really seem bleak, as a last resort ASRCC may even be able to place an advertisement in the college’s newspaper, proclaiming to all the election and the candidates in a way that can’t possibly be missed.Whatever the choice ASRCC makes, it is clear something needs to be done. If voting numbers continue this way no one would be voting, including the candidates themselves.

Rumors might develop that student government doesn’t want students to learn about the election process to keep the numbers of people running low. Though rumors about elections may not be a terrible thing, at least then people would be talking about them.

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