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Center for health at RCC

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By Jeffrey Whitehead


By Jeffrey Whitehead

$10!For what?Many students at Riverside Community College have probably had this reaction to the $10 health services fee added on to their tuition fees. It is for many things concerning the common health needs of students while we’re living and going to school.The Health and Wellness Center, located next door and down a level from the RCC Bookstore, is open to students for a variety of health related resources.For common problems there are several over-the-counter medications like: Pepto Bismol , ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Condoms and tampons are offered for students to take. There are band-aids as well as a nurse available and ready until 4:30 p.m. on weekdays. She is qualified to handle nearly anything that has been brought her way. At the center they even have a large needle to give epinephrine shots for major allergic reactions. This is all covered by the fee we pay when registering for classes.For small fees the center offers immunizations for Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, etc… It performs pregnancy tests and urinalysis for urinary infections. RCC students may make an appointment to see a licensed nurse practitioner, physician, psychologist and a drug and alcohol counselor. The Health and Wellness Center can tell students where to look for low cost health insurance for students. If a student brings any problem to them that they can’t help with they have plenty of resources for reference.Many students aren’t aware of what is offered aside from treating a cut you might get at school or offering medicine for headaches and stomachaches. When asked what the $10 health fee goes toward RCC student Jeff Adams replied, “My friend went there when she cut her finger, but that’s about it.” “A lot of students balk at the $10 fee,” said Nurse Practitioner, Francis Davis. However, a student named Ian was in the health center, Tuesday, looking for lower cost health insurance because he just had a knee surgery costing $11,000Students might be surprised if they visit the health center and see what is there for you if need it. The staff seems friendly too so there is no difficulty in visiting for anything for anything you might have a problem with. Both the psychologist, Dan Casella, and the Nurse Practitioner whom I spoke to are interested in helping students get through school. “Our goal is to help students achieves their academic goals by keeping them healthy,” Davis said.

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