Student independence can be a hit or miss

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By Ana Lapite

By Ana Lapite

It is almost midnight and the party is not over for RCC student, Jesamy Valdez.

Valdez has music blasting and his friends are dancing everywhere. There is food between his couch cushions and drinks spilled on the kitchen floor.

He is not concerned because there are no authority figures to answer to.This seems to be every college student’s dream, to live on their own and have parties whenever they want.

“It’s a whole lot of fun having people over whenever,”Valdez said.

Living on their own seems like the ideal for most students, however, it is not always easy to pay for utilities and rent said RCC student, Noami Rodriquez.

“I love it but it is hard,” Rodriguez said.

Valdez tells a different story.

“I (have always) worked and it was fine,” Valdez said. “I have more problems now paying for utilities with my grandparents staying with me than I did when I was living by myself.”

“Rent and car payments, adds up,” Rodriguez said. “There really is no downside except the bills. Even when you get paid, you have to remember to pay rent.”

College officials are concerned because alcohol use increases when students live by themselves. College students have died from alcohol poisoning, which is now a national issue.

“Many students live off campus and in apartments,” said Chancellor Robert Khayat from the University of Mississippi. “That becomes really problematic for us. There is not much we can do about it.”

Parents may be alarmed by this problem, but most students feel they can handle being on their own.

“I would never move back even if I had the chance,” Rodriguez said. “I have been on my own since I was 16.”

Students who want to be independent but who do not want to pay rent usually live in dormitories. The dorms are very convenient and students have a meal plan and amenities, such as cable, Internet, and phone service.

If the dorms are not available, students either live at home or split the rent with a roommate.

Most people have heard the horror stories about the roommate from hell, but it is possible to avoid all this.

A person in need of a roommate can put an advertisement in the paper, ask friends if they know anybody in need of a place to stay, or use online resources, like

When the perfect roommate is found, find out about the apartment lease and also draw up an agreement similar to a lease to protect both people living together.

The agreement is the expectations the roommates have for one another. It also helps to be friendly and flexible.

The majority of students who live on their own consider it easy living and mostly a lot of fun, besides all the concerns and issues.

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