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Campus parking IS a problem

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In a recent Letter to the Editor, ASRCC Student Senate member Mike Gasca bemoans the fact that the voice of students is not heard because no one-especially Chancellor Rotella-is listening. Either Mr. Gasca is misinformed or he chooses to ignore the facts. As the basis of his argument, Mr. Gasca says that despite a six-week lead-time in inviting Dr. Rotella to attend a Student Senate meeting, the chancellor instead chose to “escape” by not attending. The facts are much less dramatic. An invitation from the Student Senate was e-mailed to Dr. Rotella’s office on Nov. 22, inviting him to attend a meeting on Dec. 1. Dr. Rotella was already booked to host a luncheon for District confidential staff, so his administrative assistant had to decline the invitation. Mr. Gasca also attributes a statement to Dr. Rotella to the effect that “there is no parking problem (on the Riverside Campus.)” I don’t doubt that the Chancellor may have made the comment since I’ve heard him say much the same in the past. What Mr. Gasca doesn’t mention is that the comment’s tone typically is humorous, used to “break the ice” by refuting the obvious. Yet Mr. Gasca uses this anecdote to bolster his argument about students’ concerns not being heard. Again, the facts disprove his fuzzy logic. As the Viewpoints editor notes, in 2004 Dr. Rotella categorized parking “as a serious problem at RCC’s Riverside Campus.”  If Mr. Gasca requires visible proof, he need simply walk over to the construction site of the 5-story parking structure on lower campus. Perhaps 1,100 new parking spaces will help assure him that some listening is going on.

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