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By Robert Record

By Robert Record

*News Analysis*

Pieces are being moved in a game at Riverside Community College. A checkmate is just a few moves away. However, some are questioning the legitimacy of several moves.

When the RCC District eventually splits into three separate colleges the top administrative position may be redefined, ushering in the chancellor of the RCCD. Salvatore Rotella, current president of RCC, has said that he believes that he will automatically assume the title. In previous commentary Rotella said that he is already doing the job in spirit, and so a new title makes no difference.

What may make a difference is a possible change in pay via reclassification. Reclassification is the process by which the title of an adminstrator is changed and his pay is raised in proportion, and as some would say, without an increase in duties.

An example of this concept in action is the recent recommendation to the Board that six administrative positions, specifically associate deans, be reclassified as the respective District dean for the particular department; all six positions included salary increases.

However, the trend of increasing administrative expenses at RCC is not new. According to a study done by Thomas Allen, former RCC-CTA president, under Rotella the number of classified and academic administrators increased from 64 positions to 101 positions between 1999 and 2002, a 57 percent increase.

Critics worry that with the current state budget crisis increased administrative expenses will place an unneccesary burden upon an already stretched district budget. Rotella’s salary currently exceeds $200,000 a year with expenses. Compare this with the salary for the govenor of California at $175,000. Reclassification would most likely mean an increase in Rotella’s salary.

The Student Senate has concerns about the issue and has been requesting that Rotella attend a Senate meeting to answer questions concerning his desire for chancellorship. Recently he made a return reply that made it clear that he would not answer questions from the student body, unless he was sent the list of question before his scheduled appearance. Finally, in his most recent communications to the Senate, Rotella has made it clear that he will not make an appearance to field questions from students.

It will be several years until this game comes to a finish and the winner declared, if another contender enters the game at all.

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