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By Jessica Santibanez

By Jessica Santibanez

The time has come when students once again must deal with the horror and agony that is Tiger Talk. No matter how sophisticated, problems arise every semester when students register for classes.

Common problems with the system involve paying for classes that weren’t selected, registering for classes and then finding out that Tiger Talk didn’t work and the deadline passed to get into that class that you were supposed to be in anyway, having to deal with time conflicts that don’t exist and the joy of waiting in line at the Admissions Office for hours because Tiger Talk messed up.

This coming semester, however, RCC is making an effort to make registering for classes somewhat easier by making online registration an option. The online registration version of Tiger Talk is always available, absent of busy signals, and your schedule can be printed out as many times as you want, anytime you want, which saves the hassle of waiting in at line at the admissions office.

From the sound of it, online registration seems to be a great solution to Tiger Talk. However, if RCC couldn’t get a telephone system to work why should we expect them to be able to operate a computer system? More problems can surface within a computer system.

For example, the online registration system is not available when it is being maintained, which renders it completely useless if it’s down for a long time.

The actual benefits of online registration have yet to be seen, but for now that solution is a positive one. If anything, it will lessen the traffic on Tiger Talk, which means that hopefully students can avoid numerous hours listening to a busy signal.

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