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A taste of the East in the West

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By Olbunmi Laditan


By Olbunmi Laditan

If you haven’t been to University Village, it’s possible that don’t get out much.

University Village, located on University Avenue, could be called center of Riverside college student life. Students can be seen at all hours bustling between the two Starbuck’s, bookstore, movie theater, beauty salons and restaurants.

One of the newest additions to University Village is Village Wok, a Chinese casual-style eatery. The location has been a part of the Village community for five months and has since then managed to become a student hot spot.

Upon entering the establishment one will first notice the brightly colored walls of purple, orange, green and yellow. There are not boring white walls with matching linoleum floors here. Sparkling clean surroundings are accented by a diverse array of contemporary furniture. Hugemodern art graces the wall and adds to the unique youth-orientedenvironment.

On any given day, the predominantly student customers can be seen engaged in many different activities from clustering around the patio tables in large groups to enjoying a relaxed meal while reading a magazine.

“We get a lot of different types in here; from business people to students,” said Chris Chiang, the restaurant’s manager.

As one explores the menu, written in both Mandarin and English, it is obvious that the culinary options are anything but limited. The choices range from Pork Chop Rice to Chicken Curry. The friendly staff is available to answer any questions that one might have about the entrees.

As is the style of many casual style restaurants, the food is right in front of you, behind a glass panel. Behind the counter, the open kitchen is occupied by chefs energetically preparing entrees. The freshly made entrees vary from vegetarian to side dishes like wontons and egg rolls.

The student budget is safe at this place; combination plates start at $2.99 for the one entree special, $4.49 for two, and $5.49 for three. Each combination plate is served with rice and chow mien.

“Beef broccoli is a definite favorite,” said Chiang. “Our wonton soup is also very popular.”

So the next time you find yourself in University Village, pop into Village Wok for a dining experience you won’t soon forget.


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