EDITORIAL: Kanye West goes South

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Illustration by Stephen Day | Viewpoints
By Viewpoints editorial staff

Kanye West was dropped from his partnerships with Adidas, Balenciaga and GAP on Oct. 25 due to his antisemetic comments.

His tweet included threats to the Jewish people using the term “death con 3,” which is a reference to the United States national state alert system, Defcon.

At the beginning of the month of October, West held a private fashion show with models wearing “White Lives Matter” shirts.

“Everyone here knows that I am the leader,” the rapper said before the show.

Candace Owens, right-wing commentator, posed with the rapper on her Instagram demonstrating clear support towards the former billionaire.

West has repeatedly expressed his egotistic attitude on several platforms, including most recently in the podcast, “Drink Champs,” saying Adidas can’t fire him even if he says antisemetic comments.

These actions have also led to athletes like three-time NFL defensive player of the year Aaron Donald and NBA all-star Jaylen Brown dropping from his sports agency Donda Sports.

He also thought that these comments wouldn’t affect his ability to get deals with other brands. It was reported that he showed up to the Sketchers office in Los Angeles, uninvited, hoping to strike a deal then and there.

West’s igonance, narcissism and hate speech displayed throughout the past few years are not protected by The First Amendment and is finally getting the backlash it deserves.

We don’t need another celebrity wrongfully using their platform to spew hate and bigotry, nor do his business partners and endorsers.

Adidas and the other companies had every right to drop him to protect their face of the brand.

Kanye West’s on and off growing relationships with right-wingers is a repeatedly threatening issue. His relationship with Ownes is a prime example of the rapper getting back into the political world.

We don’t need another celebrity to hold office in our government.

It’s obvious he’s attempting to gain relationships with well known controversy stirrers. That’s his prerogative, creating ruckus.

Ye, who legally changed his name in 2021, plans on buying a conservative network, Parler, whose CEO is Owens’ husband.

Back in 2018, West stated through a tweet, “I’ve been used to spreading messages I don’t believe in. I am distancing myself from politics…”

His clearcut support towards the right-wing ideology is a show to gain solemnity, when his actions have demonstrated nothing but hypocrisy.

The Grammy Award winner feels that he needs to claim such bigotry and stay involved in politics in order to keep his relevance. While this has kept his name in the latest headlines, he is losing his fanbase because of the comments. His former fans are left pondering how they can defend a man who makes such uneducated and offensive claims.

Most of us grew up knowing artists as singers and actors, politicians as senators or governors and medical professionals as such. Who we knew as “Kanye,” no longer exists.

He needs to stay out of politics. A hip hop artist turned politician? Unacceptable. A hip hop artist who want to be falsely involved in different political campaigns just so people have a reason to talk about him. He has previously run as a presidential candidate, not because he wants to make changes to our government and serve the people, but because he wants to stay on TMZ.

His mental health issues are not an excuse for his derogatory actions and claims. The VMA award winner uses his mental health as a scapegoat in situations, where there is no room for justification.

It’s unfortunate that he’s falling into the group of celebrities who start the downfall of their career experiencing mental health issues, especially noting the level of success he once attained.

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