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RCC athletes celebrate their success at ceremony

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By Hannah Padilla-Estrella 

At the field near Wheelock Gym, student-athletes at Riverside City College were thrown an end-of-year celebration ceremony May 24.

The athletes were shown appreciation for staying committed through the pandemic, as well as their commitment to the school. Awards were also given out to some athletes, because of their outstanding achievements in their sports.

 After awards were given out to the outstanding athletes, the ceremony concluded and they had a raffle. While some participated in the raffle, others went on to play games and eat with their fellow student-athletes. 

 The athletes were seen playing games such as corn hole, where the teams were made up of different sports. Football and track athletes were playing against water polo players, which made for an even more interesting game.

 Food was also provided for the students. While some athletes played games others were seen enjoying Chick-Fil-A while talking to fellow student athletes. The athletes stayed to eat and play for about two hours after the ceremony concluded.

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