Chevy Woods: “Big Woods Season” Mixtape Review

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By Kristyna Ramirez

Pittsburgh native, Chevy Woods, returns to the scene with his 14-track mixtape called “Big Woods Season.” 

Woods carries this 39-minute project by himself for the most part, except for the song “Demon Time,” which features Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign. “Demon Time” is the perfect track to play now that it’s getting warmer and summer is approaching.  

“Demon time” is a phrase that refers to reckless behavior, typically late at night with a significant other. “We don’t do titles, we just link up, she said that’s the vibe,” Woods talks about how he and another are on the same page of not engaging in anything serious together. They both want to have fun without strings attached or a care in the world, and they’re both going with the flow. 

 The second song of the project, “Python,” is my favorite because Woods talks about situations where people have tried to scheme up on him before, but he always catches on ahead of time. “How the f— is you gon’ snake me, I’m a python.” 

A “snake” is someone who will go behind his back to try to hurt him. However, Woods paints the image that he knew he was being set up all along and did his own scheme. When he called himself a python, he’s indicating he is the much larger snake not to be antagonized. The way hissing sounds are mixed throughout the track and how it caught every beat was what made this song stand out the most. 

Although this project is great for a summer night out, Woods slows down the vibe and gets deep and personal, pouring his feelings out and reflecting on his past relationship in “She Loves Me Not.” 

“Gave too much, I learned my lesson. No such thing as perfect blessings.” Woods is expressing how he gave his all in this relationship, but it still wasn’t enough to save it, leaving him heartbroken. Through that heartbreak, he realized that nothing is perfect or lasts forever. 

“Tried to let you drive the boat, that ship sailed.” Woods indicates that he tried to let his ex lead the relationship. However, the ship sailed away because she wasn’t a good captain. 

Being in a relationship requires a lot of work. For a relationship to function, both people need to be on the same page or have the same focus. Woods expresses how he and his ex were clearly not on the same page. Or they were, but it was a different book the whole time. 

He continues about how relationships can mess with one’s mental health and how he doesn’t want to get involved in another relationship anytime soon. His peace and mental state are his top priorities, along with making money. 

The mixtape slowly transitions back to more hyped beats as Woods raps about being active in the field in the track “Detroit.” I loved the way Woods set up his wordplay in the verse, “The block hot like Miami, gotta keep a heat this way.”  

The block being “hot” indicates that trouble surrounds the neighborhood that Woods is from, so he always carries his “heat” on him, meaning a gun, in case he needs to use it for protection. Another way to interpret this is how Woods used Miami’s hot and humid weather to give a shout out to the NBA team, The Miami Heat. 

Overall, this project is a perfect example of staying focused with eyes on the prize and handling situations when people are against you. It’s perfect to play on your way to work to get motivated and stack your money up, or for a fun summer night with friends. All the songs complement each other and Woods’ confident deliveries make it a cohesive listening experience. 

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