6×6 Theater 01: Dear Evan Hansen, Clairevoyant, The Guilty

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This week, Tim reviews a comedy mockumentary called “Clarievoyant” and Will discusses a tense Netflix 911 thriller: “The Guilty”

Then, Gogo joins Tim in the studio to talk about the Hollywood adaptation of the hit Broadway musical “Dear Evan Hansen.”

Content/Trigger Warnings: Suicide, Depression, Anxiety, Emotional Manipulation

This Week’s Movies

Clairevoyant (Included with Amazon Prime)

The Guilty (Requires a Netflix Subscription)

Dear Evan Hansen is playing exclusively in theaters.


0:00-1:00 Intros

1:00-3:43 “Clairevoyant”

3:43-9:07 “The Guilty”

9:07-39:00 “Dear Evan Hansen”

39:00-42:00 Outro

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