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6×6 Theater 01: Dear Evan Hansen, Clairevoyant, The Guilty

This week, Tim reviews a comedy mockumentary called “Clarievoyant” and Will discusses a tense Netflix 911 thriller: “The Guilty” Then, Gogo joins Tim in the studio to talk about the Hollywood adaptation of the hit Broadway musical “Dear Evan Hansen.” Content/Trigger Warnings: Suicide, Depression, Anxiety, Emotional Manipulation This Week’s Movies Clairevoyant (Included with Amazon Prime)

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RERUN SHUFFLE 05: The Twilight Zone 2×06 -“Eye of the Beholder”

Rerun Shuffle travels through another dimension for episode five. That dimension is in “The Twilight Zone’s” acclaimed “Eye of the Beholder.” Tim Nacey and Leo Cabral explore an uncanny world that maintains a high beauty standard that reflects a grotesque facade back to the viewer. Patient Janet Tyler, finds herself in the hospital with bandages

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RERUN SHUFFLE 04: Frasier 4×18 -“Ham Radio”

In this week’s episode, Tim Nacey and Leo Cabral laugh at and stress over Season 4 Episode 18 of “Frasier” in “Ham Radio” where titular (and apprehensive) character Frasier Crane decides to write and direct an old-fashioned radio show called “Nightmare Inn.” Leo and Tim discuss how the jabs and stereotypes of certain marginalized groups

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