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VIDEO: Dariush Haghighat addressed RCCD Board of Trustees

Riverside City College Faculty Association President, Dariush Haghighat shows his supports for student protestors at Riverside Community College District Board of Trustees meeting on May 3, 2016.

Immigration law and Deaf Refugees in Riverside – SP2016, Episode 3

Deaf Refugees in Riverside, California seek asylum through the law offices of Hadley Bajramovic. Hear her story, as a lawyer who works with over 300 of these deaf refugees.

Board of Trustees new hire controversy – SP2016, Episode 2

New compliance officer hire causes controversy between Faculty Association and chancellor. RCC holds centennial celebration with Moreno Valley and Norco. Sports preview of games. The ‘Wizarding World of Harry Potter’ comes to Universal Studios and Kim Kardashian posts nude selfie to social media.

Shooting in White Park – SP2016, Episode 1

White park shooting, RTA bus terminal to be eliminated by Jan. 2017. Parking Enforcement returns to full force and comments on Chris Rock and the 2016 Oscar nominees. Host: Brooke Cary Sports Host: Laura Tapia