Editorial: Virtual commencement does not make your degrees and hard work invalid

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The class of 2020 will have to attend their commencement ceremonies online at almost all colleges and universities due to COVID-19 safety regulations, including Riverside City College. 

It is unfortunate that an entire graduating class has to celebrate this event that is meant to be in person through a screen. However, no matter the circumstances, the graduating class of 2020 should still come together to celebrate their hard work and achievements.

Graduating is an accomplishment that should be celebrated and honored. The commencement ceremony is meant to congratulate and honor everybody who spent countless hours studying, writing, calculating and preparing themselves for their futures. 

Of course, this year is no exception. But this commencement ceremony should also carry another meaning. During this year’s ceremony, students should also take the time to remember everyone who helped them along their journey.

The journey of hard work and dedication that this graduating class has put in earning their degree is not undervalued just because they wont get to walk across the stage at Wheelock Stadium. The degree that students earn still holds just as much weight as any other degree earned at Riverside City College.

Just like we are not alone in our current circumstances, we were not alone when we were working hard to get to this point. Let’s take the time to thank and appreciate everyone else who made our academic career possible. 

Let’s also try our best to be supportive of everybody who is going to partake in this year’s commencement ceremony. Although we might not be able to congratulate everybody in person, we can still take time out of our “at-home ceremony” to call or text a fellow classmate and tell them that you are proud of their achievement.

We are all struggling through these unprecedented times together and communicating virtually is one of the best ways to brighten up a classmate’s day. If everybody who is participating in this commencement ceremony were to call one person, the day would be filled with many meaningful conversations with fellow classmates.

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