Business Leaders of Tomorrow make a splash for charity

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Posted: June 3, 2015 | Written by Tyler Reese

The Business Leaders of Tomorrow is a club on RCC’s main campus that focuses on students gaining personal experience in the workforce, making a resume and organizing events. They give you a chance to travel and help out with the community and doing charity events.

“This is the first time we’ve done this, dunk tank teacher edition and all proceeds go to charity,” said Irving Ray Rodriguez event coordinator. “I think we’ve raised over $100 already and the more money we make the more money we donate.”

There were no instructors who volunteered to participate. So club members, such as Kelvin Reed, volunteered to sit in the dunk tank.

The water usage of the dunk tank during the event could be considered questionable since California is in a drought state of emergency as stated by California Governor Edmund G. Brown in January of 2014. “Bringing awareness now especially during this drought, it’s kinda ironic that we’re using water to help raise awareness for water, but it helps and what ever water we have left over will be used to water plants and help make the world go round,” says Rodriguez.

The dunk tank was gathering a lot of attention among the students who were walking by. For $5  students could buy a churro or horchata with 5 balls to knock down whomever was in the dunk tank .

Even if students weren’t very close to the event Jonathan Iniguez, a BLT club member could be heard shouting out, “Churros and horchata for sale! Donate to a good cause!” Students who walked up to the event saw Iniguez in a hula girl outfit with the grass bikini and coconut bra.

As the day dwindled from a blazing afternoon sun to an orange glow seen from the western horizon the event slowly came to a close where everybody was ready to pack-up and get ready to leave for the day. The business leaders of tomorrow packed up their equipment and empty horchata container along with their empty churro trays to start again on May 29. Finally, they emptied the dunk tanks water into the grass and containers to water the nearby plants.

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