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Proposition to lift ban of alcohol at faculty events brought to Trustees

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Posted: May 27, 2015 | Written by: Steven Smith

There has been a lack of alcoholic drinks being served at college events in recent years, according to Dariush Haghighat, the faculty representative of the California Teachers Association for the Riverside Community College District and president of RCCD Faculty Association.

Haghighat proposed to bring back the tradition of serving alcoholic beverages to faculty and staff at college events to the Board of Trustees on May 19. Audience members smirked and eyes got wide as the comments were made.

“Faculty used to get together and we used to have a bottle of wine,” Haghighat said. “Why this institution is saying we can’t do that is beyond me.”

Board Policy 3560 that bans the possession, consumption or sale of alcohol on district property was passed by the Board in 2009. Before then, it was common to pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate retirements and for wine to be served at graduation, according to Haghighat.

“We need to diverge ourselves from an extension of K-12 mentality and we need to think and behave as the first 2 years of a higher education institution.” Haghighat said.

“I like the drinking part,” Gustavo Segura said jokingly as he came up to the stand to give his presentation for the California School Employees Association.

Since the issue was not on the agenda, the Board of Trustees could not address it under the Brown act. However, Haghighat is optimistic that the idea will be approved in the future.

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