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Edward Bush named president of Cosumnes River College

Student Services Vice President Ed Bush listens to the concerns of students during the meet and greet held in the cafeteria April 7. Photo Taken by Valerie Osier.

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Posted: May 15, 2015 | Updated: May 29, 2015 | Written by James H. Williams

Riverside City College’s Vice President of Student Services, Edward Bush, confirmed that he will be the new president of Cosumnes River College. With his term beginning July 1, it will end his 17-year stint with the Riverside Community College District, where he also served as a faculty member and administrator.

“It has been 17 years…I got here when I was 25-years old,” Bush said. “This city has been a huge part of my life. I have been out here ever since I attended UC Riverside.”

Bush stated that there has not been an interim named as of yet for his position following his departure.
Ryan Rudolph, who is the Associated Student of Riverside City College Vice President, stated that being involved in student government allowed for him to work several times with Bush.
“My working relationship with him has always involved working with student government,” said Rudolph stated a number of situations in which Bush went out of his way and would invest the time to hear out students.

“He is the Vice President of Student Services and his main goal is to take care of student’s needs and interests,” Rudolph said. “He was always willing to participate with us, at events such as coffee night and answering our questions.”
He will replace interim president Whitney Yamamura at CRC, who had filled in for Deborah Travis, following her retirement in December 2014.
The Los Rios District Board issued a press release following the board meeting that made his appointment official.
“We’re excited about the passion and drive that Dr. Bush will be bringing to Cosumnes River College,” said Los Rios Board President Dustin Johnson in the press release. “His commitment to student success, diversity and access will make him an excellent addition to the college and the Los Rios Colleges leadership team.”

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