ASRCC candidates speak at open forum

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Posted: May 13, 2015 | Written by Ariel Schiller

The Associated Students of Riverside City College election results will be announced May 15. Candidates running for ASRCC president are Nigel Item and Luis Sosa.

Item is running with vice presidential candidate Rakhee Uma while Luis Sosa is running with Megan Contreras.

Students running for senator are Paul Coleman, Vanessa Berumen, Marvin Mazano and Leonardo Santiago.

Students were introduced to the candidates present and had the opportunity to ask them questions at the open forum hosted by the ASRCC Supreme Court on April 30.

Some of the topics discussed were parking and healthier food options in the cafeteria.

If elected, Nigel Item and Rakhee Uma want to focus on major specific events to get transfer students involved.

“Hosting meaningful events that include guest speakers and job listings are truly what the students care about,” Item said.

RCC Student Carey Lester, who attended the open forum, was concerned that the issues being brought to the candidates’ attention are too big for student government to handle.

“I think there are a lot of things that are out of their control,” Lester said.

Lester’s primary concerns that he thought candidates should address included finding information on tutors and seldom working elevators with expired permits. “If you’re my president then you should be worried about me and what I need as a student,” Lester said.

Sosa and Contreras are write-in candidates, meaning they have a limited budget and limited number of posters they can put up, but they are not concerned about it.

“Just because we’re write-in (candidates) doesn’t mean we’re any different from the other candidates,” Contreras said.

Students had the option of voting at the election booths on May 12 and May 13 or they could have voted online using Webadvisor. Election results will be posted on Webadvisor on May 15.

Winners of the elections will begin their terms the first day after the end of the spring semester.

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