Study Abroad goes to Greece for summer 2015

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Posted: April 29, 2015 | Written by Tyler Reese

Crystal clear blue waters and sparkling white beaches with the sweet scent of salty ocean air will be home to over 25 students from Riverside City College during their 18 day summer tour in Greece.

“Summer in Greece, the Cradle of Civilization” will be taking place from June 19 to July 7. The total cost for the 18 day summer tour will be about $4,400 per person which includes, the cost of air transportation, land transportation, sightseeing and museum tours, plus food and hotel accommodations. While in Greece, students will visit eight locations including Delphi, Meteora and Athens.

“We’re lucky to have survived the budget crisis for over the last four years and many other colleges have canceled their programs, which means it’s almost impossible to get them back,” Jan Schall, director of International Education/Study Abroad said. “Less than two percent of community colleges in California don’t have their study abroad programs and we’re very fortunate that our Board of Trustees, college presidents and administrators have supported this program for over 25 years.”

Greece is a summer tour and worth one unit of credit, while the fall and spring semester courses are fully academic with up to 12 units. The approximated number of students to go is 25, but if a student wishes to go to Greece before the trip, they need to do so as soon as possible with all of their information filled out and money ready by May 4.

“It’s one unit of credit and financial aid is usually not available for summer tours, but full financial aid is available for both Italy and Dublin,” Schall said.

Florence, Italy, the destination of the study abroad program during fall semester, will take place between Sept. 2 to Nov. 28. Political Science, Humanities, Gaming – History and Design are just a handful of the courses offered during the semester abroad.

The approximate cost of the trip will be $8,049 and will pay for round-trip airfare, shared apartments and medical and travel insurance, as stated in the study abroad pamphlet which can be found in Quadrangle Room 100.

Financial aid is available for those who qualify by maintaining a 2.0 grade point average and a 67 percent completion rate of units attempted. Financial aid, however, is not available for security deposits. More information is available by either contacting Jana Gray, RCC student financial services analyst at or Jan Schall in Quadrangle Room 100 or at for help.

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