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RCCD Chancellor provides follow up on data security issue

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Posted: Dec. 5, 2014

James H. Williams | Managing Editor

A mass e-mail was sent out to students by Riverside Community College District Chancellor Michael L. Burke, regarding an update on the data incident that took place in May 2014, in which the personal data of students enrolled during the spring 2014 semester may have been exposed.

The e-mail states that the district has continued to monitor any activity that might signal the use of the exposed information.

The release also states that within the last six months there has not been a report of suspicious activity and that the call center, established by RCCD to assist affected students, received limited calls.

Burke claimed in the e-mail that RCCD has taken steps to eliminate the likelihood of such events from occurring again.

The steps include limiting staff access to student information, retraining employees and increased data handling security processes. RCCD plans to continue monitoring the situation for any suspicious activity through the end of 2015.

Students will continue to have the free credit monitoring service, offered by the district and provided by Experian, if they signed up before the subscription deadline on Sept. 16, 2014.

Burke encourages students that have any questions or concerns to contact Michael Simmons, director of Risk Management. Simmons can be reached at (951) 222-8128.

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