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A look ahead: Tigers return home

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Daniel Pena | Staff Writer

Sept. 18, 2014

The Riverside City College Tigers football team defeated the Saddleback Gauchos 37-34 in an overtime thriller.

In a game that was evenly close from the start the Gauchos had the upper hand leading the game 27-20 in the fourth quarter with 12 minutes left in the game, but a sack by Brock Carmen led to a fumble which the ball was recovered by Devante Wilson and returned for a 34-yard touchdown tying the game 27-27.

After neither offense could produce points the game went to overtime and the Tigers immediately got into scoring position that led to a touchdown.

The Gauchos didn’t give in and also scored a touchdown. In the end it was RCC’s Jimmy Camacho 38-yard field goal to kick the team ahead 37-34 and the Tigers defense shutdown the Gauchos offense to end the game.

With the win the Tigers extend their streak to four straight wins against the Gauchos dating from the Golden State Bowl in 2011 to last Saturdays game. RCC starts (2-0) while Saddleback goes (0-2).

“It feels great to have beaten Saddleback the past four games, primarily because Saddleback is always a very difficult team to play,” said Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator James Kuk. “They are well coached, have a good program and talented players.”

Next in line to face the Riverside City College Tigers football team are the Grossmont Griffins (1-1) who are non ranked according to the JCG Gridiron preseason poll.

This will be the first time these two teams will face in the football field under Coach Tom Craft.

The Griffins have only scored 23 points in two games while giving up 49 points while the Tigers have scored 88 points while giving up 37 points. This game sounds lopsided, but in sports anything can happen.

Will RCC change their tactics for the upcoming game?

Coach Kuk says “With Grossmont, we will continue to refine our schemes and use it as an opportunity to improve in all areas of execution.”

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