August 21st News Briefs

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Subsidy increase sits on the Board table

Riverside City College could receive a $60,000 increase in food subsidies to improve cafeteria salaries and benefits, pay bankcard fees and purchase additional food supplies if a proposed resolution is approved by the Board of Trustees.

The proposal of a district wide subsidy increase of $180,000 was presented to the Board of Trustees on May 20.  Norco College and Moreno Valley College would receive $50,000 and $70,000 respectively.

Most of the additional revenue would go to groceries and beverages, followed by administrative classified salaries, and then proteins and desserts. Employee benefits and bank charges make up the lowest bracket of the subsidy the increase.

Board sell Auto Club’s junk buses

Three of the four buses given to the Riverside City College Auto Club in 2012 by the Transit Authority will be sold for $1 each, or $3 to Transit Sales International.

According to a letter from Elliott Carson, the bus acquisitions director of TSI, the company releases RCC of any liability associated with the buses, and purchases the buses understanding that they hold salvage titles.

“TSI will part out and dispose of the buses with regards to making every effort to reclaim and recycle in an environmentally sustainable way while remaining in compliance with state laws,” Carson said in a statement to the Board of Trustees.

The company assumes responsibility for disposal of the buses, which have been used by the auto club over the past two years.

Students gain access to their aid money

As part of the switch to Higher One as their financial aid provider, Riverside City College has placed ATM machines around campus to make student financial aid easily accessible without charges.

There are three ATM machines around campus including in the Martin Luther King Building, the Administration building and the Bookstore.

Riverside Community College District switched from Sallie Mae to Higher One in 2014.

DSPSC shortens name to DRC

The Disabled Student Programs and Services Center will be renamed the Disability Resource Center to emphasize to staff and students that the office is a resource. The name change aims to be more person friendly, in addition to promoting to staff and faculty that the department offers resources for working with students.

The office location has moved to the Administration Building room 121.

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