‘The New Classic’ needs improvement

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By Alejandra Garcia

Staff writer.

May 5, 2014

Aussie rapper, Iggy Azalea, dropped her new album “The New Classic” last

month, and it has gotten lots of people talking.

Azalea’s single “Fancy” features Brit pop singer, Charlie XCX. The track was

fresh and exciting, and the music video paid a great homage to the ’90s by emulating

the now iconic characters from the teen film “Clueless.”

Her album art also reflects her unique style and admiration to the era of

“Whatever!” and “As If!” It’s very Versace meets “Miami Vice.”

“Walk the Line” is the first track to “The New Classic.” Azalea’s verses are

very quick and sharp, which sound very rebellious and cool.

As for some of the other tracks, they sound a bit lazy and worn out.

The album as a whole is a bit un-cohesive, and it’s disappointing since this is

Azalea’s debut album.

There have been other news outlets that have given Azalea’s album bad

reviews. Complex magazine is among one of them.

The review already received backlash from teen songstress, Lorde. Azalea

also weighed in on the argument and agreed with Lorde’s perspective.

The issue for these budding artists is that they don’t think that their work

should be criticized, and then get called for interviews later.

Complex magazine later released a statement in a form of a video defending

the journalistic ethic and the point of view of the writer who wrote Azalea’s review.

For now, “Fancy” has been her most popular song, and the music video

skyrocketed its popularity.

In Azalea’s favor, hip-hop and rap are constantly evolving music genres, and

with those constant transitions comes new artists.

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