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News Briefs for Oct. 31, 2013

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The vision plan has been re-granted to the faculty by the board of trustees when their unilateral decision to reject it was fought and
disputed by the benefit committee.

While time has been lost, it will be implemented as it was originally laid out without damage to its original integrity. Benefits are expected to begin in March, and the plan is still voluntary.

The Associated Students of Riverside City College is proud to boast its all time high level membership of over 100 student government

ASRCC partnered with clubs and organizations to hold a canned food drive for the under supplied Student Resource center.

The multi-cultural and diversity board held a festival at RCC that served over 1500 students.

The Senate hosted its first “Workshop Wednesday” series opening with “The 10 indicators of respect.”

Additionally ASRCC hosted Homecoming, the Mental Health fair and mental health awareness week. ASRCC is encouraging Faculty to take notice of any students who seem dazed, stressed, or upset and send them to private counseling with ASRCC student president.

ASRCC has been active in keeping students involved and engaged.

The 2013 Riverside City College Athletic Hall of Fame awards ceremony was held Oct.17 in downtown Riverside’s Mission Inn.
Inductees are as follows: Noureddine Morceli, Olympic Gold Medalist, track and cross-country athlete; Melissa de Jonckheere, All- American swimmer and water polo player; and Bob Schermerhorn, Tigers coach under whose guidance led the team to 225 victories.

Awards were also presented to individuals and groups for their generous contributions and support over the years: The Founding Tiger
Backers, Bengal Award; George and Mary Linda Daddona, President’s Award; and Ken Nickerson, Contributer Award.

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