RCC Upgrades Campus Bathrooms to Reach Code Compliance

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Josa Lamont |News Editor

American Disabilities Act (ADA ) compliance issues are in the process of being removed from Riverside City College bathrooms.

Construction is expected to continue through Nov. 18 to remove barriers and bring existing bathrooms to current code regulations.

The parking lots are also being expanded to reach current code requirements and accommodate more staff and students. The finished product is expected to be a significant improvement on the existing conditions.

The following is a letter from the project manager of planning and development for the Riverside City College ADA Barrier Removal project:

·Contractor will start work daily at 3:45 am until 9 am at the Digital Library until 4th floor Staff restroom is complete. Estimated to be complete 10/20/13

·Men/Women restroom (2nd/3rd floors) at the Digital Library have been turned over to the College for use.

·Men/Women restroom (4th floor) at the Digital Library will be complete 10/07/13

·Men/Women restroom (1st floor) at the Digital Library will be complete 10/07/13

·Unisex restroom (1st floor) at the Digital Library will be complete 10/07/13

·Men/Women restroom, #6,#7,#8 (2th floor) at the Quad will be completed by 10/07/13

·Men/Women restroom, #2,#3,#5 (1th floor) at the Quad will be completed by 10/07/13

·Men/Women restrooms at Landis restrooms will be turned over to the college 09/16/ 13

·Installation of drinking fountains at Landis Auditorium will be completed by 09/20/13

·Construction at MLK restrooms (#1 & #2) – first floor started 09/4/13 and will be complete 10/07/13

·Construction at MLK restrooms (#5 & #6) – third floor will started 10/07/13 and 11/18/13

·Barrier removal construction at Huntley Gym and will be complete on 10/07/13

Staff Parking at lot “D” was closed Tuesday, September 10th and will remain closed until October 15, 2013.

Twelve (12) parking spaces will be restripped in Parking Lot “B” for staff parking. Fifteen (15) new staff parking spaces have been stripped along the south side of the street at Fairfax Ave – south of the Nursing/Science building.

Construction fencing along the Minè Okubo from Ramona Drive to Fairfax Ave will be removed 09/13/13 and the (21) diagonal parking spaces along the west side of the street can be used for parking.

It is our endeavor to keep you informed as the project progresses of road detours, availability of parking and schedule changes.

At some point in time this project will be disruptive but it is our endeavor to cause as little disruption as possible.

Your continued understanding and patience will be appreciated.

Thanks, Calvin J. Belcher | Project Manager

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