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ASRCC offers reprieve from late Summer rays; students splash past heat wave

Rafael Rios | Staff Writer

With the summer feeling at its hottest, the blistering sun overhead can be a foe to the many students of the Riverside City College community.

This year we have had multiple heat waves, but Sept. 14 looks to be the hottest day left in the month with temperatures dropping in late Sept.

This time last year we would have been experiencing the same temperature, but the
temperature didn’t begin to decrease until the beginning of October.

At the Sept. 5 welcome back BBQ sponsored by ASRCC, the thermometer hit 104 F degrees, but there were several items offered that could keep students refreshed and feeling a bit at ease from the heat.

These ranged from things like free food and drinks, to water balloon and water gun fights, as well as other commodities such as shaved ice.

During the BBQ we had the chance to ask students what intrigued them about being a part of the activities; “the weather is a big factor, but also the excitement you get from water balloon fights brings memories back from our childhoods,” said Andrew Avalos.

The water balloon and water gun fight started at around 4:45 and lasted for about 3 minutes; students then got a second round of balloons, and continued.

Twenty to thirty students participated, and a few unwilling targets who didn’t mind being unexpectedly hit by balloons, over the heat.

Dan Guzman and a friend of his, said “wet, soaked, happy and excited!” after being asked how they felt.

Apart from the students involved in the water fight, Students also beat the heat at Kona Ice (shaved Ice).

When asked what attracted her to purchasing shaved ice, Marites Perez responded with “it’s a hot day, and shaved ice is the perfect refreshment for the heat.”

The estimated number of customers the Kona Ice had that day ranged from 200-300
students who had purchased shaved ice.

Purchasing shaved ice and participating in water balloon fights, among other things at the BBQ, were a great recourse for students trying escape this past week’s heat. It won’t be long now before the summer heat subsides, but it is very important that everyone take the proper precautions to prevent dehydration or heat stroke.

The Fall Equinox is Sept. 22, but until then carrying a water bottle to keep hydrated, or visiting one of the many water fountains around campus is highly advised.

It is important that you prevent any harm the heat can cause and in turn enjoy RCC sponsored activities that allow you to do so while having some fun before summer is long gone.

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