Storm affects 25 Riverside City College buildings

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By James Williams / Online Editor

Riverside City College has been affected by the recent storm that took place Aug. 29.

The initial rain storm caused the campus to shut down for the day around 4 p.m.

College officials surveyed the damage over the Labor Day weekend and determined that the storm is responsible for damaging a total of 25 buildings on campus, according to an email sent to faculty and staff by RCC interim president Wolde-Ab Isaac.

Severe flooding occurred on the basement level of the Quadrangle, Wheelock Gymnasium, the Digital Library’s Auditorium, EOPS and Student Health Services in the Bradshaw Building.

The statement mentioned that work was done over the Labor Day weekend, including pumping, air drying, and removing water damaged carpeting; which is expected to be completed Sept. 6.

“With an event of this magnitude, I know you understand the significant recovery efforts required to restore and repair affected areas,” Isaac said.

“Our primary concern remains employee and student safety, so while we are proceeding as quickly as possible, we are also doing so with great thoroughness.”
Staff and faculty that had offices and classrooms severely affected by the weather will be moved into temporary offices.

“We anticipate that full recovery may take up to 60 days,” Isaac said.

Over the weekend, Isaac and CTA President Dariush Haghighat said in a joint statement that discussions regarding suitable temporary offices for affected faculty members during the recovery and reconstruction periods.

The Administration and Faculty Association reached an agreement on suitable temporary faculty offices in nearby locations on RCC’s campus.

Faculty with offices located in the Quad basement are being relocated to temporary offices in the Digital Library, the Nursing Building and in the Administration Building.

EOPS will be temporarily relocated to O.W. Noble Administration Building.

There will also be temporary modular installed on upper campus for Student Health Services. Temporary athletics offices will be set up on lower campus.

For RCC’s staff and faculty that experienced property or equipment damage in their classrooms or offices will need to fill out a damage report and return it to Risk Management.

Along with offices being moved, a number of classes in the Quad will be held in other locations while repairs take place.

  • ENG-1B-48333 M. Mushik moved from Quad 24 to Heritage Room
  • ENG-1B-48335 K. Douglass moved from Quad 24 to Heritage Room
  • ENG-1B-48338 T. Amidon moved from Quad 24 to Heritage Room
  • HUM-4H-48495 K. Sell moved from Quad 25 to Hall of Fame
  • ENG-60B-48403 C. Sandoval moved from Quad 26 to DL 206
  • ENG-60B-48404 T. Kearn moved from Quad 26 to DL 206
  • ESL-54-48424 C. Reible moved from Quad 26 to DL 206
  • REA-82-49043 L. Hodson moved from Quad 26 to DL 206

All “temporary” rooms are expected to have computer access during this time to accommodate professors.

The flooding will also impact the parking situation on campus.

The parking lot between the Wheelock Gym and the football practice field, has been converted to a restoration command center and is “off limits” until further notice to aid in recovery efforts.

“Restoration and construction efforts, along with the addition of temporary modular buildings, will likely impact parking in different areas of the campus,” Isaac said.
“We are taking every effort to minimize those impacts, but we don’t yet know the full extent.”

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