Ready For The Worst

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By Niche Butler | Staff Editor

If anyone noticed all the police cars outside of the quad or noticed that there was no entry early Friday morning of August 23rd they should not have been alarmed.

The Riverside City Police Department along with Riverside City Campus Police, were in tactical training.

Although this may have been a surprise for some given the fact that students were not notified, rest assure it was for the benefit of all faculty and students.

The R.P.D. and campus police trained for an active shooter and hostage scenarios on campus.

“It is important we know how to respond that our actions are instinctive in any type of situation and we know what type of weapons will be needed to protect faculty and students,” Sergeant Watch Commander, Richard Henry said.

“We went over drills such as active shooter, hostage inside and outside classroom scenarios which, lasted about four and half hours, We want to protect the students,” Chief Jim Miyashiro confirmed.

This was a part of an annual training that the Riverside Police Department conducts. Last year the Riverside Sheriffs Department participated in the training.

“It is important that we talk about the tactics needed for optimum elimination of the problem before hand, It is important that officers follow through with the procedure instinctively,” Henry continued.

Although the training may have been an inconvenience for some, this training is definitely a must for the long term safety of all, especially here at the Riverside City campus.

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