Completing units is the top priority

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By Brittany Denhalter | Staff Writer

Students at Riverside City College struggle to register for necessary core classes in subjects like Math and English.

Each semester students are unable to get the classes they need and students settle for elective classes.

Some attend class sessions the first week in pursuit of an add code from instructors, counting on others to be a no show.

Kendra Noriega, who is in her second semester at RCC, said she is a part-time student.

She said her late registration date does not give her the opportunity to get the classes she needs.

“It was hard to get classes, because it is my second semester, and I’m kind of like late my registration date,” she said. “I’m taking classes such as piano and pilates; I need math!”

While students continue their studies, 20 percent of class course offerings have been reduced, a result of a $3 million cut by the Riverside Community College District last year, said Cynthia Azari, president of RCC.

She said the District lost $60 million, while California has also reduced the number of students it will fund.

Administrative steps to help students succeed started with a change in registration policy.

Registration priority is given to students with more units earned at RCC; however, students with over 100 credits are now the last to register.

The demand for math, science and English is high as administrators are trying to increase the number of sections offered.

Later this month, the Academic Senate will vote on whether to hire a new faculty member for the math department.

RCC administration is hopeful that Proposition 30 will add more sections for the fall semester.

“Be persistent, enroll on your enrollment date, make sure everything is in order, and start from the very beginning,” Azari said. “Keep up with the course work and if the syllabus requires it, make sure you get it in on time.”

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