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RCC seeks to expand its campus in the city

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Tabitha Carranza / Staff Writer

Riverside City College looks to continue adding to its campus.

President Cynthia Azari said the Riverside Community College District Board of Trustees has approved the expansion of the School of Arts.

She stated that they originally had a similar plan about 20 years ago, but due to changes in the law, it allowed the college to submit only one project per year.

With greater funds; however, the college was able to restart its plan for the expansion of the art buildings.

“We received $40 million in funds, so the board approved of the recouping of the project,” Azari said.

She also said the project has a budget of $41 million.

“We have a very vibrant performing arts program,” she stated. “We have outgrown our facilities here.”

Azari also stated that there is also a plan to expand art programs.

“We received a $5 million grant from Henry Coil in honor of his parents; that is specifically for program needs,” she said.

The new buildings will be mainly for music classes and programs.

Will Kim, an art adviser at RCC, said other arts such as visual and animation will remain in the arts building at RCC.

Although Kim is generally in charge of animation, he believes that the expansion of the music arts will benefit the community as a whole.

“Art is what brings the community together and is very necessary,” he said.

Stephanie Lara, an RCC student, said she believes the expansion will be a positive change for RCC.

“It’s an outlet for a lot of young adults such as me,” she said.

Lara said she was a music major, but because of lack of space for students, she had to change majors.

“I had to change majors because sometimes there would be 30 people on the waitlist (for a class) and only 40 spaces in the class,” she said.

The School of Arts is expected to be located on University Avenue and Market Street.

It is expected to open in 2016, the year RCC is scheduled to celebrate its 100 year birthday.

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