Janet Green looks for re-election to RCCD Board of Trustees

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By Stephanie Holland / Editor In Chief

By Stephanie Holland / Editor In Chief

With the approach of the Nov. 2 election, Riverside Community College District Board of Trustee Vice-President Janet Green is seeking re-election. She has been travelling around the district speaking with students, staff and faculty about the issues that concern them most.


Economically speaking, these are trying times; Riverside City College has cut classes and raised fees, though Green states that RCC is in better shape than other colleges.


“This past year has been very difficult with other college’s saying we may have to close our doors, when in fact I knew that RCCD would not be closing our doors because we were fiscally sound,” she said.


Green understands students’ concerns as they navigate through a difficult system.


“We did cut a thousand courses, but the courses that were cut, were done through united effort with each college and their constituents,” she said.


Though the economy has caused many obstacles for students, she feels that this is no reason to lose sight of their educational goals.


“You never give up,” she said.


She shared how she continued her studies following her military service, while raising two children and working full-time, an experience many students nowadays can relate to.


“I believe we board members have the opportunity to attend students groups or whenever students invite us to sit down with them and share some of these things and give them ideas of what we did at that time…and help mentor them,” she said.


Though students may be overwhelmed with economic and educational concerns, Green expressed how important it is that they continue to stay involved in the political process.


“It is vital…they have a right to vote, a responsibility to vote and only through electing people who they really search out and get to know and get a good feeling or bad feeling… make an informed decision,” she said.


She also expressed her displeasure at the first time candidate’s lack of knowledge about the day to day business of the district. She was not happy that the candidates did not attend an orientation set up by the RCCD chancellor’s staff.


“I was very disappointed…if you’re going to run for a board you need to know something about the district,” she said. “How’s it function, how are the classes designed…how do you know that unless you went to some sort of orientation and it can’t be because you went to college.”


Another issue that gets Green fired up is continuing to support returning veterans.


“I think RCC has started to get out and get a hold of the veterans with their veteran’s club and veteran’s office,” she said. “I want veterans taken care of.”


As they look to make a choice on Nov. 2, Green wants students to understand her priorities, which include student success, career and technical education, veterans’ affairs and fiscal responsibility and accountability.


She also wants them to know about her commitment to the district and accessibility to students.


“I want them to know my dedication…I want them to know they can call me up at anytime and talk to me.

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