Remembering Norma Lopez

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By Talia Fong / Staff Writer

By Talia Fong / Staff Writer

On Sept. 18, the Moreno Valley College hosted Never Again Benefit Concert Remembering Norma Lopez.

Lopez was a young girl was murdered in July while walking home from school.

The concert helped benefit the Lopez family, with proceeds going towards a $39,300 reward for the community and investigation leading to an arrest and murder conviction.

Bands performing included: Butterscotch, Alien Ant Farm, P.O.D., Paloma Cruz, The Ringleader D.J. Ace, and special guest actor Danny Trejo.

“It’s an honor to be part of this event and help in some way,” Cruz said.

Butterscotch, from America’s Got Talent, played with Adam Lasher band.

“We are really happy and proud to be part of a good event commemorating such a loss and celebrating her life through music,” said bass player Brock Pollock from Adam Lasher Band.

Administrators of the Moreno Valley College expressed words of praise to hosting he event.

“I am so glad that this college stepped up for the Never Again Benefit Concert for Norma Lopez,” said Moreno Valley College President Monte Perez after a few performances.

Moreno Valley’s board member Victoria Baca wanted to express a few words to the community.

“Supporting the concert is fortunate, unfortunately there isn’t a word to name a parent whose lost a child, we hope this never happens again,” Baca said. “I hope what happened changes the community, not only their children.”

The is a not traditional benefit concert.

“I felt that we had to do something besides a normal car wash to raise awareness, because when something like this happens not only is the family hurt, the community hurts,” Baca said.

At last, she gave her blessings to the Lopez family and families who came to the concert benefit.

Mayor Bonnie Flickinger gave a few words about Lopez, and then introduced the Norma pledge. Elizabeth and Sonja Lopez, Norma Lopez’s sisters were the first two girls to receive bracelets with the Norma pledge.

Lopez family members, followed by girls under 21 helped sign the pledge. Norma’s pledge read: “I don’t walk alone, I look around, I share information with others.”

This pledge was written to remind young girls to be cautious and help prevent disasters like this.

Many people thanked all who came to the event to support the Lopez family and to remember her and remind everyone to be careful when walking home from school.

“I’d like to thank everyone for being here. It’s something that hit me hard, we will never forget never again will this happen,” said Jessie Molina.

“Thank you all for being here and supporting community, built together we are here to celebrate the life of a beautiful young woman,” Perez said.

“Thanks for supporting this cause, we appreciate all of you for being out here,” said band members after their performance.

Special guest Trejo thanked everyone for coming to the event after giving his condolences to the Lopez family.

Family members thanked everyone as well for supporting the family.

“Thank you for coming out, and whoever has made it out here,” Sonja Lopez, Norma’s sister.

“Thank you very much for supporting us. For everything because even though you guys did not know us, you gave us support. Thank you for your prayers, your economic help, vigilance, and good wishes. God bless you all, hope God gives each and everyone back a thousand times all the great things that were done for us,” said Laura Lopez, Norma’s aunt in Spanish.

“Thank you for coming, for your time, there is no way I will be able to repay this back. I am very thankful because my daughter is not forgotten. Even those that were not able to make it still showed their support, and will always be appreciated,” said Martin Lopez, Norma’s father in Spanish.

“God bless the Lopez family. It’s your hope that makes your prayers, God bless Norma Lopez. It’s our broken hearts that are here today, we have taken a step to keep moving forward and hear the Lopez family in the guide of God,” said a P.O.D. band member after a prayer.

The band ended the concert by singing “Never Again,” In memory of Lopez.

Those who were unable to attend the benefit concert may make any donation at any Wells Fargo bank location.

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