Riverside President Jan Muto leaves office

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By Stephanie Holland / Editor In Chief

Riverside City College’s newly elected president, Jan Muto, sits down for an interview with Viewpoints on Feb. 4.

By Stephanie Holland / Editor In Chief

Riverside City College President Jan Muto is stepping down from her position effective May 27.

In a letter to her RCC colleagues Muto explained her decision and expressed her thanks to the community.

“But there often comes a time for personal change. I am stepping down from the presidency and accepting a professional development leave. I am not the first nor the last president of RCC, but I commit to the people of our college and our community to serve them as long as they will allow me the privilege of calling Riverside home,” she wrote.

Muto has been RCC’s president since the Board of Trustees voted her into office in early 2009, following an exhaustive search.

When she spoke with Viewpoints at the start of the spring 2009 semester, Muto was optimistic about leading RCC.

“My first day I spent a lot of time with the people I work most closely with, the vice presidents, getting to know the college from their areas of responsibility and goals we were aiming for and what accomplishments we had made,” she said. “It became clear to me very quickly that this was indeed the great college that I thought it was. I’m just so thrilled to be moving forward with the college.”

However, just 16 short months later, Muto’s reign has come to an end.

In the letter, Muto also wrote about what she will take away from her RCC experience.

“During my 16 months as President of Riverside City College, I have had the remarkable privilege of working with outstanding students, faculty and staff, and community members committed to lifelong learning,” she wrote.

As the spring semester ends and summer session begins, the college must now appoint an interim president and start another search for a high ranking administrative position.

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