Board of Trustee member campaigns for Assembly seat

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By Nita Gandhi / News Editor

By Nita Gandhi / News Editor

There was food and plenty of wine to go around.

Business owners, friends, and public officials gathered at the Canyon Crest Winery on Feb. 26 to offer their support to Riverside City College Board of Trustee member Jose Medina in his campaign for the seat in the state Assembly of District 64.

Medina gave a speech during the event in which he stated to everyone why he is running for State Assembly.

Medina said that his values would better represent the area of the regular and working peoples’ interests.

He added that he would do a better job in a crisis than others and fight for what the people believe in.

“I stand for education, jobs and the environment,” Medina said.

The job at the State Assembly basically boils down to helping people in the area.

“I think I can represent the interests of the people of this community better,” he said. “I think my priorities are better matched with what people are looking for. I think I can do a better job.”

Medina talked about ideas of what he would do in office to fix the education crisis affecting the community.

He proposed to look for more revenue in oil, loop holes in tax policy, lifting Proposition 13, and decreasing the vehicle registration and use that money for education.

At the winery friends, city officials, and business owners were there to show that they back Medina in his campaign.

” I have known him for several years and have supported him in his last three campaigns,” said Andy Melendrez, City Council Member for Ward 2 in Riverside. “I would trust Jose as a State Assembly member and I think he will do a great job.”

Melendrez also has high praise for Medina.

“Mr. Medina is one of the finest individuals that I have ever known,” he said.

Jon Medina, owner of Zacatecas Café also shared his support.

“We have been friends for many years,” he said. “I’ve known Jose for about 15 to 20 years. I’m here to support Jose and I hope he makes it.”

Currently, Medina is unopposed for the Democratic primary election in June.

In addition to Medina being a Board of Trustee member for 12 years, he is also a history teacher at Polytechnic High School.

“Win or lose I will be off the Board of Trustees,” Medina said.

The election for the State Assembly is also the same time for the election for the Board of Trustees, which means that Medina’s seat will be open for the taking.

Patricia Little, a supporter of Medina and a professor at Cal State San Bernardino, said that she will be running for Medina’s open seat on the RCC Board of Trustees and will start campaigning for the November elections.

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