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RCC honors one of its own

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By Stephanie Holland / Editor in Chief

By Stephanie Holland / Editor in Chief

For 50 years Glenn Hunt served the students and faculty of Riverside City College as an instructor, department chair and dean.

He was a leader and pioneer in the mathematics and science departments.

On Jan. 6 at the age 74, Hunt passed away after a long battle with cancer. On Jan. 28 the college honored Hunt with a memorial service in the Digital Library Auditorium.

Attended by his wife of 27 years Judi and his daughter Sabrina, along with other family members, friends and several faculty members, the hour long service was a reflection on Hunt’s extraordinary spirit and his commitment to RCC.

Hunt’s cousin-in-law Tom Carpenter spoke of Hunt’s wisdom and humility, saying he didn’t wear his intelligence on his sleeve.

“A good teacher has to be able to listen to his students as much as he listens to himself,” Carpenter said.

He described Hunt as “an educator par excellence.”

The common theme was Hunt’s overwhelming dedication to RCC.

His colleagues lauded him as someone they could always talk to or turn to for advice.

Associate professor of sociology Jan Schall opened her remarks with a poem by Mary Elizabeth Bly that holds special meaning for the family.

Schall said that she had known Hunt since she was 17 and had him as an instructor and called him a consummate educator.

Hunt’s daughter Sabrina Enyeart shared memories of her father’s life outside of the college. She spoke of the life lessons her father taught her including their shared love of photography.

Judi Hunt had a poignant memory about the depth of her husband’s commitment to the college.

“When Michael Montano asked if I knew I was marrying an institution, I said no I just thought he was a nice guy,” Judi said.

When it was her turn to honor her husband, Judi spoke of Glenn’s final hours and their final private words. She also described the uniqueness of their relationship.

“I livened him up and he toned me down,” Judi said.

She also relayed how much he would have loved being honored by his friends and colleagues.

Family friend Michael Montano said that in one of his final conversations with Hunt he told him “we’re going to give you a decent send-off.”

“I’m going to hold you to that,” Hunt replied.

Judi said that in Glenn’s memory she would continue to support the Glenn Hunt Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics.

Interested parties can support the scholarship with a donation to the RCCD Foundation at 4800 Magnolia Avenue, Riverside, CA 92506.

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