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By Fatima Ramsey / Staff Writer

Thanksgiving Items Needed- Bins are located near the Student Services and Student Government buildings for student donations. (Erene Abdelmeseeh /Managing Editor)

By Fatima Ramsey / Staff Writer

Riverside City College and the Salvation Army are teaming up to help out less fortunate Riverside community members who are in need this season.
There are many families in Riverside that do not have enough financial means to celebrate the holidays this year.
As a close community, there is a search for help.
The Salvation Army is hoping to aid those in need and is on the lookout for those who can aid others.
The Salvation Army contacted RCC to reach out and ask for assistance in helping those less fortunate.
A Salvation Army staff member asked Student Service’s staff if they would allow him to place bins on campus to collect non perishable foods for donations to the community. 
One bin is placed in the Student Services office in Bradshaw Center, Room 207 and the other one in the Student Government Center module on the Aguilar Patio. 
Items being requested for donation are non perishable foods such as instant potatoes, canned green beans, canned corn, cranberry sauce, cream of celery soup, cream of mushroom soup, pumpkin pie mix, ready made pie crust, canned yams, can of French’s Onions, canned fruit, stuffing, biscuit mix, marshmallows, brown sugar, chicken broth and gravy.
Donation of these items will enable the less fortunate of Riverside’s community to still have  a Thanksgiving to share with their loved ones. 
Deborah Hall, a Student Activities Coordinator, said, “The Salvation Army is a great organization to donate to.”
 According to Sandy Mathey, a Student Service’s staff member, RCC has helped The Salvation Army to collect food for the needy in the past and they are determined to continue doing so in the future as well.
“It has always been a good thing to be in the RCC family,” Mathey said. “We do our best to help the community. We try to stay very close in touch with the community.” 
Mathey also shared that since RCC has been an active member in the community for a long time, she knows the community counts on RCC if they ever need assistance.
“And I also know that if RCC ever needs anything then we can count on the community to help back,” Mathey said. 
However, there is still a significant amount of donations needed, as the bins are not even half way full yet.
The food donation deadline is Nov. 23, and the Salvation Army staff will come by on Nov. 24 to collect the bins.
The Salvation Army will also be having a luncheon the day before Thanksgiving from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.  
They will be located at Riverside Corps 3695 1st Street (back of building) Riverside, CA 92501.
If you need more information call, 951- 784-3571.
Mireya Moreno, an RCC student, expressed her feelings towards helping the Riverside community.
“I think it is a great way to show our fellow ‘Riversiders’ that we care,” Moreno said.

“Some of us have extra cans lying around that will be tremendous help to the less fortunate. I have done my part and have donated a few cans and placed them in the bins on campus. I encourage everyone to help out, you will feel good inside to know you helped out a family and put smiles on their faces.”

RCC will continue to help the community in need.
An upcoming toy drive is another event that is designed to help out the Riverside community children in need of a gift for the holidays.
To receive more information about giving donations, receiving donations, or any other miscellaneous information,  please contact the RCC’s Student Services at 951-222-8570.


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