REVIEW: Selena Gomez ‘My Mind & Me’

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By Vianney Morales

Apple TV released the highly anticipated documentary starring global sensation Selena Gomez on Nov. 4.

Many yearned for a personal view of the singer’s life. She lived a relatively private life for the past few years.

 The film follows Gomez for a span of six years. 

as she prepares  for her 2016 ‘Revival’ tour, the fallout of her struggles with her physical and mental health following bipolar disorder and lupus disease diagnoses.

At its core, the documentary focuses on Gomez being her own worst enemy and trying to heal from her inner wounds. It puts Gomez’s struggle with mental health into focus and puts a spotlight on all that it encompasses offering a vulnerable look into the devastating effects one suffers when their health is declining.

Viewers see Gomez struggle with wanting to prioritize her philanthropy but feeling pulled back by her obligations as a pop star. It was admittedly strange to see someone of such power and fame struggle so deeply with pursuing her purpose.

There’s one moment in particular when Gomez is asked by an interviewer about what else she’d like to pursue besides music, to which she perks up and responds with how she’d like to pursue philanthropy. The interviewer doesn’t ask for her to elaborate but rather abruptly ends the interview and stops the conversation there. 

Gomez becomes visibly frustrated and upset, further emphasizing her feelings of only being seen as singer and nothing more.

We see Gomez go through a press tour she says she dreads. Instead of asking meaningful questions, interviewers ask rather silly surface-level questions. She becomes increasingly frustrated with this and reaches a breaking point.

Viewers see how much the press tour drains her and it’s hard not to empathize with her. She had just returned from a week-long visit to Kenya after speaking with women who were pursuing education, thanks to her work with the WE Charity organization. Gomez was beaming when she talked to these women, inspired by their strength. Cutting to the next scene, she’s waking up early to get “glammed” only to answer repetitive, dull questions all day. It put into perspective why Gomez felt like she was regressing.

The documentary shows how celebrities are made into a spectacle in their worst moments and that comes to define them entirely. As a Disney Channel alum, Gomez is reminded that she is a product to be consumed and something for people to exploit.

In the documentary, there are many clips of the paparazzi harassing her with invasive questions about her mental health and her public breakup with Justin Bieber. It’s not just once or twice. It’s constant harassment that Gomez is subjected to nearly every time she steps out in public.

The documentary puts into perspective how Gomez had to constantly rebuild after back-to-back struggles. Overall, the documentary is beautifully made and truly makes for viewers to empathize with Gomez.

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