Viewpoints editor-in-chief Leo Cabral bids a farewell and reflection to the student-run newspaper

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By Leo Cabral

Becoming the editor-in-chief during a publication’s centennial has been a substantial opportunity.

I have watched Viewpoints shift and evolve with each new editor-in-chief since spring 2019 when I joined as a staff photographer.

I hadn’t even thought about applying for the position until after I was promoted to managing editor the following semester. I was happy to help out in any way because I found a program with other people who shared my passion for journalism.

The best thing about being on staff was all the reporters and editors that worked endlessly to ensure the paper ran as smoothly as possible despite many Adobe InDesign crashes and late night breaking news writing sessions.

I was intimidated and excited when my time at the helm finally arrived. I had some returning staff from previous semesters and plenty of newcomers discovering their own passion for journalism. Nothing I wasn’t used to since revolving staff is a common thing in a college newsroom.

Things felt different holding the EIC title compared to the managing editor position I held through the last two editor-in-chiefs’ tenures, though. This was my staff and my paper and I was responsible for them.

I am so grateful to have worked on these 14 issues with such an amazing team. It was difficult reacclimating to in-person education, dealing with a broken AC our first summer and juggling the demands of a newsroom along with the uncertainties a pandemic brings, but I wouldn’t have done it with any other crew. Thank you for your patience and hard work.

I’ve learned a lot about my strengths, weaknesses and my limits for what I’m willing to tolerate in a workplace in my short time as editor-in-chief. I look forward to where Viewpoints goes from here.

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