Taste of Nations: Riverside City College brings the flavor

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By Laura Bautista 

Riverside City College students and faculty members got a chance to try a cuisine from different countries during an event called Taste of Nations. 

Taste of Nations was held in the Quad courtyard April 26 and was hosted by Associated Students of Riverside City College.

Upon entering the event, an attendee  received a plate, a fork and a passport card they took to volunteers working in each of the 14 booths to stamp once they’ve tried a dish. Students got to sample 14 culinary cuisines provided by different restaurants around Riverside County.

Dishes like Banh Khot from Vietnam, Ceviche from Mexico and Bratwurst from Germany were provided. There was a board in front of each booth explainings the dish and its cultural significance.

“The event started in 2019 at a previous school that I worked at that did a world’s fair, but when we brought it over to RCC we called it the taste of nations.”said Megan Bottoms, Student Activities coordinator and ASRCC adviser. “So the idea is that we get to taste a variety of different cultures and cuisines but also celebrate the heritage and the foundation for where it came from.”

ASRCC and the International Club looked at the population of each community on campus and tried to represent the students and the faculty. 

“My hope is to diversify the campus and help abroad students to learn about American culture and for other students to be aware that there are students from different countries here on campus,” said Gisele, co-adviser of the International Club. “To make lifelong friends here with different people from different countries.”

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