Author of Maas Destruction: Sarah J. Maas

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By Samantha Ashley

Sarah J. Maas as an author has amassed a die-hard following for her impeccable writing style, breathtaking adventures and blood-rushing, heart-pumping reads.

The #1 New York Times and internationally bestselling author was published in 37 languages.

Maas is the author of the adult series “A Court of Thorns and Roses,” “Crescent City” and the young adult series “Throne of Glass.”

Maas gives her readers strong feminist heroines who challenge societal norms and face soul-cursing odds that leave her audience reeling. So much so that her fans are called survivors of Maas destruction.

Her dedication to empower women through her protagonists who face sexism, misogyny, abuse and loss bounds her readers. 

Maas devotes her writing to women aided in self love and learning to fight for oneself first. 

Magic fate and courage flood the adventures and heartache of all the heroines filling the pages that bewitch Maas’s readers in a daze of tears of joy and sorrow with her words of damnation and benediction.

Wringing the inner strength of healing from traumatic events, Maas’s characters fight the taboos surrounding mental health and what help and healing looks like.

Perpetually trending on TikTok, Maas is top rated amongst the BookTock crowd. Her works have inspired everything from art clothing lines, music skits and small businesses centered around her works of literature.

Maas’s latest release “House of Sky and Breath,” a part of her “Crescent City” series, has sold over 14 million copies and is a bestseller for retailers across the country.

Maas has become such an accomplished writer because her stories go beyond the traditional and accepted. Her writing style is dictated by what the characters guide her to expose.

Loyalty and the bounds of love are constant throughout all of her works; however, part of what makes her such an outstanding queen of twist and turns are her famed couples and their ongoing love stories.

Maas herself does not know whether her famed couples will make it in the end or not.

“While I do have ideas for all of my currently contracted books,” Maas says on her FAQ. “I would never guarantee any plot points or pairings until each book is written. I’ve been surprised by where characters have taken me before!”

Not only does Maas give her readers a personal viewpoint from her heroines who go to the mat time and again defending themselves and those they love, but her books show that people are more complex than one story more layered than one chapter.

Appearances lead to our greatest deceptions. A villain to some can be the hero of another. 

“Nesta resonated with me because she persevered and did not give up training her body physically and healing mentally,” Tamera Thompson, an avid and dedicated Maas reader states.

In “A Court of Silver Flames” Nesta goes through such an empowering courageous odyssey. It speaks volumes to the human condition and the weight of mental and physical health, addictions and trauma combined that create a mountain Nesta scales to save herself to find the passion and power of the bonds of love.  

“Even though Nesta is sometimes seen as bad she did not give up and I look up to her,” Thompson said.

It is impossible not to fall into the depths of passion and adoration for the well-written characters that lead Maas’s writing and unforgettable world building.

“Make time to be immersed by her worlds,” Thompson said.

Currently all of her books are available on Amazon Kindle, sold at retailers across the world and in Barnes and Nobles.

Starting with her acclaimed “A Court of Thorns and Roses” series is an exceptional avenue into Maas’s worlds.

For love, lust, empowerment, escapism and healing, author Sarah J. Maas has enthralling tales to tell and readers who are devoted and waiting for the next chapter. I cannot recommend her work enough.

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