Best TikTok trends to ‘discover’ on the ‘for you’ page

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By Kristyna Ramirez

If there’s one word to describe TikTok, it’s unpredictable. Every day, creatives discover new trends for people to hop on as the old ones die, so goes the circle of life on a social media platform.

How does one find the current trends or keep up with them? It’s simple. A quick scroll through the “For You Page” will usually show the latest trends, or you can always go on the “Discover” page to search up hashtags, dances, audios, recipes, you name it.

Don’t worry, I’ll break down a few of my favorite trends so you can get an idea of what’s circling the app, so read on and get inspired!

One of my favorite trends right now is the rotoscope filter. When it comes to animation, Adobe describes a rotoscope as “the process of creating animated sequences by tracing over live-action footage frame by frame.”

The rotoscope effect will activate once the creator nods their head whenever the beat drops on the audio they prefer to use. People usually dance around or wiggle their arms in the air to make the colorful effect more satisfying to watch. The cool thing about it is that people add their own unique touch to it and use different audios, so you will never get bored of watching the same thing. 

I attached my favorite rotoscope video below using the audio “Captain (whistle) [Restricted Remix].”

Now, let’s jump into some of my favorite trending audios really quick.

Julia Fox, who seems to be the queen of trending sounds lately, is back. At the Oscars red carpet, a reporter asked Fox who did her strong eye makeup.

“I actually did it myself, yeah,” Fox replied.

This audio is starting to go viral as creators use it to tell their audience about something they’re proud of, or something they caused, usually in a sarcastic manner. 

For example, let’s say I created a fake scenario in my head, and it got me upset. I can use this audio to imply that I’m only doing the mental damage to myself for overthinking.

Another example of using this sound would be where a fashion designer is wearing a unique outfit that they designed and they lip-sync “I actually did it myself, yeah,” giving them the opportunity to sell their brand online.

Last, but not least, is my favorite hashtag of all time, #DogsOfTikTok. I mean, who doesn’t love seeing those loveable and adorable creatures on their For You Page? People from all over the world use this hashtag when posting their furry babies.

The best dog videos are the glow-ups. Creators will post the “before” pictures/videos of their dogs, with a preferred audio, and then add the “after” to see how much their dog has grown and changed throughout time. The videos are endless, and the personalities of the dogs are what makes them enjoyable to watch. 

Trends come and go quickly, so if you see a trend that you enjoy- hop on it, as you could become the next viral creator. Just remember to stay true to yourself and have fun while creating!

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