OPINION: Biden administration slows on campaign promises

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Vice President Joe Biden visit to Israel March 2016 Arrival at BGAP (Photo Courtesy of U.S. Embassy Jerusalem)
By Elaina Kleven

As more vaccines begin rolling out, Biden has taken this as an opportunity to show how he is making progress toward the America that he pledged to help rebuild.

While it is his third month of the presidency, Biden has only done 8% of what he has promised. This does not include the $2,000 stimulus checks he promised, which was a significant push for his campaign.

While he has spoken about his immediate plans, what won’t he do?

As mentioned, Biden has signed five executive orders within the first month of his presidency and one just this past March 16. These include the transgender ban reversal in the U.S. military, the U.S. rejoining the World Health Organization (WHO) and reversing former president Donald Trump’s travel ban. While this seems like good progress towards his policies, will Biden still make an effort to appease the left, which elected him?

The answer appears to be up in the air. On one hand, Biden needs to be fulfilling, hypothetically, about two campaign promises a month, which he is on track to do. That was all in January though, and his momentum seems to be slowing.

He has yet to confirm planning some of the major promises that got him elected. This includes decriminalizing marijuana, public options for health care, pulling out of affairs in Afghanistan and forgiving some student loan debt for public colleges and universities.

Biden still has a 64% positive rating from Americans and could potentially be preparing to use this to his advantage to handle other affairs. 

As for his presidency’s future, he has been pushing for a uniting of the American people.

But the House of Representatives and the Senate seem not to be ready for that. This could also potentially hint at his plans not to fulfill some of the left-leaning campaign promises.

Again, a large majority of his plans are up in the air. 

The only thing that seems certain is that Biden will be making more progress toward healing America of the effects of COVID-19 and pushing to repair its unity.

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