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Editorial: Divisiveness in politics creates tension in the home

The divisiveness in politics is growing worse and making its way into our own homes. Many people today look up to politicians and are easily inspired by them. People are starting to take action and treat others with the same harshness exhibited by said politicians. Recently Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., was “threatening” supreme court justices

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Tenure weighs down faculty with part-time staff

Teacher tenure was created with the intent to protect instructors who hold minority opinions or beliefs, but in practice it produces an elite sect of instructors with greater job security and broader intellectual rights than people in comparable part-time positions. Firing a tenured instructor is like pressing charges on a criminal offender. To fire an

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Ballot box a bust at RCC

Riverside Community College district is buzzing with the activity of election season: or it isn’t. Sure, it’s election season and the Associated Students of Riverside City College are prepping for the work they have to do and the Board of Trustees has candidates campaigning to secure seats, but who else on campus really feels the

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