‘Starwars Battlefront’ fails to live up to the hype

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Written by Alec Calvillo

Even though it’s been 10 years since the last “Star Wars Battlefront” game came out, it still features the classic battles from the movies that we all fell in love with.

“Battlefront” couldn’t have came out in a more competitive time with “Call of Duty Black Ops III” coming out 11 days before, and “Fallout Four” only six days before.

Standing in line with a buddy at my local GameStop gave me the chance to talk to fans of the game. Nico Romano, a Norco College student, was as excited as I was for the game to be released.

“This is probably going to be the only thing in my system for at least a month, I’m really excited for Battlefront,” Romano said.

For most people I talked to about the game were children when the first “Battlefront” came out in 2004.

They said they would invite all of their friends after school to play because online gaming had just began.

As a kid I would play this game over and over with my friends and family.

It’s not just a game that I enjoyed playing, but also something that brings back nostalgia like no other game.

In 2008, fans were disappointed when it was announced that “Star Wars Battlefront III” would not be released and it left us with an undetermined timetable for when any other “Battlefront” games would be released.

Then fans were teased with “Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron” for Playstation Portable, which was just great enough for us to be entertained in the meantime.

Since this is the third game, there have been many improvements to the game modes like the Supremacy Mode.

This is my favorite because the main objective is to capture posts, which means the maps are larger. The larger maps mean you don’t die as fast and it allows 40 players in battles.

My other favorite mode is “Heroes vs. Villains,” which is different from the older games.

Only three people can be the hero or villain for each team, while the others are regular characters trying to kill the hero or villain depending on which side they’re on.

Another great feature to the game is the ability to customize the character’s facial features and attire.

You can choose to be male or female and different types of races.

The pace of the game is perfect. It’s not fast like a” Call of Duty’ game where you die every two seconds and it’s not slow enough where you have to waste time looking for people to kill.

The game’s graphics are as good as it gets.

They’re comparable to the notorious “Grand Theft Auto V” graphics which offer crystal clear images of explosions and the city of Los Angeles.

It’s not so much that the graphics on the characters or vehicles are great, but the detail.

The planet Endor, which is supposed to look like California Redwoods, looks amazing.

It has trees that fall down from blaster shots and plants that move from the wind and water flowing.

The downside of the game is that the lack of maps serves as an incentive for gamers to buy their Season Pass (49.99) that gives players access to four expansion packs.

Space Battles aren’t even in the game!

“Star Wars Battlefront II” was known for their Space Battles because it was the first “Battlefront” game that allowed people to go in x-wings and tie fighters and shoot down the big capital ships.

Marco Gonzalez owns of all the games in the “Battlefront” franchise and grew up on the games.

“The thing I liked about the second game was the Space Battles,” said Gonzalez.

The new “Star Wars Battlefront” game only offers a Fighter Squadron mode where you only have the options of two Starfighters for each Rebel and Empire side.

“I like the whole Fighter Squadron, you’re still dog fighting but it’s not in space,” Gonzalez said.

My biggest frustration in the game is the way to become a hero or villain.

In multiplayer mode you have to find these random blue lit up emblems in the map and they let you become a hero or villain.

It’s not like the old game where you can earn your way to being a hero or villain by gaining kills.

DICE, the creator of the game, ditched the old style of the game and just used new ideas. 

If they would have just kept some of those old ideas like Clone Wars, Space Battles, easy access to heroes and villains, along with vehicles, it would have made the game a lot more exciting and gave fans what we wanted.

Some fans like Andrew Harrison, who bought and kept up with of all the “Star Wars” games that were put out, had high hopes for DICE.

“Ever since DICE took over, I think we’re probably going to get more out of it then if it were to come out back then,” Harrison said.

Perhaps the purpose of DICE making the game limited could be that they want to make another game with Space Wars and Clone Wars so people can be excited for the games and want to buy them.

The game’s price leaves your wallet lonely for some cash, as the game’s standard edition plus Season Pass will cost you around $115 for Xbox One or PlayStation Four.

If you’re expecting the old “Star Wars Battlefront” you will feel a little disappointed, but with an open mind you will fall in love with the new game modes and the detail in graphics.

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